Product Design

  • Early concept to finished production mechanical project owner
  • Architect different product concepts from early customer and product marketing input
  • Paper doll and 3D CAD proof of concepting
  • Prototype rough-ins and early concept validation
  • Create product 3D models and own technical drawings with designers/drafters
  • Outline key technical risks and create product validation plans
  • Communicate part design and needs with suppliers and gather quotes and technical input from suppliers
  • Incorporate non-mechanical project needs into product and part design to enable successful project execution
  • Own technical execution and validation and inform project team and business owners of ongoing technical risk and mechanical project status
  • Manufacturing assembly and verification run reviews with manufacturing facilities
  • Part and design release with technical documentation
  • Part and assembly drawing reviews, WI signoff
  • Internal validation and technical documentation with key project decisions and lessons learned


  • Proficient in the following computer aided design commodities:
  • Sheet metal
  • Extrusions
  • Wire and cabling
  • Experience in the following commodities
  • Plastic injection molding
  • Machined parts
  • Die casting
  • ECAD / MCAD exchange
  • Mechanical connectivity
  • PCBA layout, board size, and mechanical keepouts
  • IDX CAD exchange and technical review of copper and routing
  • Top down and bottom up design
  • Drafting reviews

Tolerance Analysis

  • 2D and 3D mechanical stackup and analysis of mechanical parts
  • Worst case and statistical (RMS)
  • Importance of non-uniformity and tool wear in assembly shift

Design for Manufacturability

  • Accessibility and best practices for design engineers to reduce assembly time, maximize repeatability and reduce operator error
  • Part and build step reduction
  • Balancing: part cost, assembly/rework time, product uniformity
  • Incorporating real work feedback from manufacturing line during product design and definition

Industrial Design

  • Incorporation of company and product company colors, product line design, and visual elements into cohesive product design
  • Early concepting using vector based artwork and 3D renders

Thermal Analysis

  • Analysis of electromechanical components in electronic packaging design
  • Early thermal dissipation and cooling analysis of active and passively cooled components and circuits through mathematical and datasheet analysis
  • Temperature monitoring and testing using physical thermocouples and internal/external diodes

Product Validation

  • Create product validation plans based on product performance, risks, and compliance requirements
  • Thermal, shock and vibration, functional, usability

Mechanical Project Management

  • BOM and cost estimates at different product phases
  • Project schedule estimates and status updates
  • Prototype and equipment cost validation
  • Test and validation timelines


  • Technical training and reviewing for entry level engineers
  • Feasibility and technical review checks
  • Communication and professional mentorship