I live in Austin, Texas and I love to travel, eat everything, exercise and hike. My dog Anna is my muse 🙂

My day to day I lift weights (17 years and counting) and work on my computer at home.

With time off I’m all about traveling to different countries and places to meet new people and experience different cultures.

I have my advanced open water dive license with 100+ dives and counting. Always looking for a dive buddy!

This is Anna. Shes a retired racing greyhound. She raced 40 times with 7 wins!

She was so good she made 15 baby greys over 3 litters with 700+ races and over 110 wins and counting.

You can check her all her racing data on

Current hobbies include sleeping 23 hours a day and napping in-between.

You missed.
Easy weight.
Singapore, decent view 🙂
Cenotes cave diving in Playa del Carmen, Mexico
Oregon (Let’s pretend I caught many fish)
Portsmouth, NH with my parents

Travel Map, Lots to go!