Senior Staff Mechanical Engineer
ZT Systems
2022 – Present
  • Mechanical ODM technical lead for cloud compute servers
  • Design, initial investigation, early prototype testing and large volume ramp to deliver rack level functional hardware
  • Conceptual design, 6s design, early prototyping and functional design of sheet metal, die
  • Design and transition production quality mechanical hardware to multiple contract manufacturers for hard tooling

Senior Mechanical Engineer
The Boring Company
2021 – 2022
  • Part design through integration and operation
  • Machined parts and weldment drawings
  • Assembly instructions, build planning and integration into larger subsystem
  • Functional debugging and system upgrades
  • Weldment design using plate and tube steel
  • Structural analysis in SIMSOLID
  • Backup systems Responsible Engineer
  • Electromechanical integration of medium and low voltage hardware
  • Mechanical system layout: cabling and hydraulics routing, subsystem packaging
  • Mechanical integration of industrial automation equipment
  • Grease systems Responsible Engineer – Fixed displacement pump operation and distribution integration into backup system

Principle Mechanical Engineer
2021 – 2021
  • Mechanical Discipline process team lead. Define and implement discipline documentation, workflow, and cross team collaboration tools.
  • Custom design and modelling of products with multiple mechanical commodities: sheet metal, injection-molding, cabling, extrusions, machined parts, PCBAs, fans

Senior Mechanical Engineer
NI / National Instruments
2018 – 2021
  • Mechanical team lead for PXIe test and measurement chassis
  • Concepts multiple architecture concepts and works with stakeholders to weigh cost and design and cost trade-offs for feature implementation
  • Creates early prototype designs for thermal and mechanical proof of concept to reduce development schedule and identify key risks
  • Custom design and modelling of products with multiple mechanical commodities: sheet metal, injection-molding, cabling, extrusions, machined parts, PCBAs, fans
  • Guardian for PXI chassis line sustaining, cost reductions, and technical input to internal product teams
  • Mechanical Engineering Process control team lead. Develops and manages company wide mechanical process checks for product development.

Staff Mechanical Engineer
National Instruments
2015 – 2018
  • PXIe-1095 mechanical team project management and sheet metal design lead. Coordinated mechanical design and validation across multiple mechanical and electrical developers. BOM, model and drafting/drawing management.
  • PXIe-1095 Timing & Sync module upgrade concept generation and implementation. Mezzanine PCBA expansion space for flexible customer focused implementation.

Mechanical Engineer
National Instruments
2011 – 2015
  • National Instruments modular CAN extension cable architecture design and testing. Created new NI c-Series thermal architecture for thermally dissipative cables. Overmolded PCBA design with custom test solution in coordination with cable supplier.
  • Re-branding and resell of custom spec RAID and 1U server arrays. System level thermal and mechanical validation. Custom parts and product rebranding.

Teaching Assistant
University of Texas
2010 – 2011
  • Thermal Fluids and Thermodynamics
  • Created and led biweekly weekly lesson plans with problem examples and technical concept reviews
  • Individual and group tutoring and help
  • Technical reviews and grading

Mechanical Engineering Assistant
Applied Research Labs
  • Underwater instrumentation group
  • Mechanical drafter and designer
  • Build and assembly tech